Only candy makes this blink !



The originals Razzmatazz candies, very rainbow, very sweet n' sour.



For sweet folks like us, with a gooey mallow heart !



Our candy lover trick : Blow a bubble and keep the blues away !


Fruit power

Amazing 100% made of fruit... We want to live better, be happy, and enjoy : Marc n'Paul fruit resolution !



Along our sweet fantasy !


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Illustration Marc n'Paul candy

Marc n'Paul's story

We are Marc and Paul, brothers, buddies…
and candy lovers.

We roll for sweetly fruity n’ sour from over the rainbow, Spain and France. Gourmand, gourmet, we go-go GMO, fat, dairy, gluten, nuts, or preservatives….free. Our big Yes to our amazing fruit snacks with delighted fruit wheels, straws, stars… True buddies, we share laughs n’good time with rainbow gummy fangs, united n’colored stripes, fruity belts and laces…
We love n’ taste wildly sour kisses on gummy lips, big heart in peach-watermelon’s mood … and we ride on rainbow whales, sea turtles, inky octopus, dolphins in colors... Wake up childhood with the giants gummy bears holding mallow heart, fruity crocodiles, chick’n feet, ducks n’quax, mallow bunnies flirting with our giant gummy carrots... We design our own candies and fruit snacks… we have them so tasty, so rainbow, bright, fun and generous…
From the most reliable sources in Europe and Americas, our promise for a loving candy time

...We are Marc n'Paul